Newton Denny Chapelle provides the full suite of professional surveying services to a broad range of public and private sector clients.  Over the past 20 years, our team has created an excellent track record of professionalism through the consistent delivery of reliable outputs on-time and on-budget. Our surveyors are led by qualified and registered surveyors with the NSW Board of Surveying and Spatial Information.
We have an extensive portfolio of project experience, maintain a high level of resource commitment and use a comprehensive suite of modern, precise, calibrated survey equipment and computer software. Our collective knowledge, quality assurance and survey work procedures all combine to assist in delivering these outputs of the highest quality.

Cadastral Surveying

Standard Format Surveys – reliable standard format surveys for the amalgamation, subdivision or re-alignment of existing titles. We have expertise in re-surveying ambulatory boundaries (e.g. tidal and non-tidal water), undertaking secondary interest surveys (e.g. easements and covenants), road resumption surveys and the definition of previously un-surveyed boundaries (e.g. railway land).

Multi-staged Subdivision Surveys – NDC provides all surveying services associated with multi staged land subdivisions for Torrens, Strata, and Community Title. Our team is well experienced in preparing detailed lot calculations, marking boundaries for the installation of underground drainage and utilities, pegging new titles at the completion of  construction and placing permanent survey marks and recovery marks in accordance with government regulations.

Lease Surveys – NDC is experienced in surveying and preparing various lease area plans. This includes but is not limited to lease areas for commercial and retail office buildings and shopping complexes.

Building Format Surveys – NDC has extensive experience in undertaking building format surveys within attached housing estates and apartments, shopping complexes, office buildings, commercial warehouses and hospitals . 

Volumetric Surveys – NDC complete 3D measuring and marking of complex titles in airspace and below ground including basement car parks, waste management facilities, extractive industries.

Identification Surveys – NDC regularly prepares identification surveys, re-marking existing title boundaries.

Engineering Surveying

Contour and Detail Surveys Supplied in 3D Format – NDC has the skill and equipment to prepare 3D surveys of the environment to enable detailed engineering and architectural design. 

Construction Setout Surveys NDC undertakes precise set-out surveys of residential structures and dwellings, commercial and retail structures, health & education buildings and infrastructure projects.

Works as Executed (As Constructed Surveys) – Our team specialises in surveying as-constructed above and below ground physical structures and services for residential estates, roadways, parklands and quality assurance checks of buildings for compliance with design tolerances. NDC’s team has extensive experience with the preparation and delivery of the required data sets to meet local government requirements.

Monitoring/Deformation SurveysNDC can provide survey services for compaction and stability monitoring of land fill and subsidence zones.  This includes 3D monitoring of buildings in unstable environments and comparison modelling between design and construction for analytical purposes.

Route Surveys – NDC undertakes surveys to mark and detail proposed alignments for future design and construction of infrastructure.

Control Surveys – NDC undertakes placement, measurement and adjustment of survey control networks suitable for all aspects of land and construction management and suitable for use by other consultants and government entities.

Earthworks Volume Surveys – NDC carries out before and after surveys of stockpiles and excavations to confirm quantities of fill and removal for costing and auditing purposes.

Specialist Surveying

NDC offers the ability to manipulate and present data in a variety of formats and styles to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of clients and intended uses.

Using the latest software and techniques, our team is capable of satisfying any requirement in this growing field.

NDC also provides drafting services to complement our Civil engineering and town planning services.

Our drafting personnel have many years of experience and use the latest technology to provide accurate, dependable and timely services in a professional manner.

General Plan Drafting – We have vast knowledge and experience in preparing small lot and large scale subdivisions, high density attached housing community title schemes, spatial strata allotments, lease, covenant and easement plans.

Presentation of Survey Data – NDC provides various Information Systems using advanced technology ranging from advanced survey orientated packages as Magnet and 12D through to conventional Autocad style programs or modern GIS software.

NDC processes field survey and remotely acquired data to enable the generation of contours and 3D surfaces for advanced engineering design and earthworks calculations

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‘The Clarence Property Group is one of the largest and most active residential land developers in Northern NSW, with over 1,500 house lots in its development pipeline. Since 2004 NDC has been the principal provider of Town Planning, Civil Engineering and Surveying services to our Group. Over the years we’ve found NDC’s multi-disciplinary service offering to be a significant contributor to the efficiency of our property development activities. We have always found the NDC team to be responsive, innovative and nimble with a very reasonable fee structure, and highly recommend them.’

Paul Rippon
General Manager
Clarence Property