Our Approach

NDC is a multidisciplinary consultancy offering services in: Planning, Civil Engineering and Surveying.  NDC prides itself on offering a high standard of service and strives to deliver results beyond client expectations.

We have extensive experience in delivering land subdivision, mixed-use development, multi-unit residential development, industrial, commercial and retail projects, tourist accommodation, education, health, infrastructure projects and community use facilities.  NDC works closely with both private and public sectors.

Our approach is consultative, inclusive and multi-disciplined. Our advice and expertise is developed from our multiple disciplines which contribute to resolve problems and reach innovative solutions for our clients. We work collaboratively with a range of trusted subconsultants to achieve results which meet both client and regulatory requirements.

Our Commitment

NDC is committed to constantly challenge thinking, not just to remain relevant, but to be progressive and offer the type of consultancy that inspires innovation and creates the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our commitment approach is based on the values of respect, integrity, innovation, collaboration, excellence and trust. These values underpin our commitment and are fundamental to our day to day operation and success.

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Southern Cross University has been using Newton Denny Chapelle to provide advice and services to the University for well over 10 years. During this time, NDC have been key stakeholders from inception to completion for some of the University’s most critical projects.

 These projects include the continued development and expansion of the University’s fastest growing campus located immediately adjacent to Gold Coast International Airport. With the Gold Coast campus being located on airport land, NDC’s expertise was invaluable through the design and complex approval process and the subsequent challenges of site preparation and construction on airport land.

At the University’s Lismore campus, NDC have been, and continue to be, heavily involved in significant projects including the construction of a new Library, Engineering School, and the Southern Cross Football Centre in addition to planning and future development advice for the University’s Crawford Land estate, comprising 74ha located 1km south of the main campus.

Finally, at our Coffs Harbour Campus, NDC provided continued advice and expertise through the design and construction of the Allied Health Centre which opened in 2019. So successful was that project, that a second stage of the project for an additional building located adjacent to the existing building, is now at DA stage with construction due to start early 2023.

The accumulated asset value of the above buildings exceeds $250m, and without question, each has delivered considerable strategic value and growth opportunities to the University.

As the Vice President, Operations at the University, I consider NDC to be a valued and much trusted partner and one that I can rely on for responsiveness and exceptional attention to detail.

Allan Morris
Vice President, Operations
Southern Cross University